Spray Over Brush

Spray Over Brush

Rachel Carville

Digital Marketing Manager

Changing Rooms – The ultimate renovation show that’s been on our screens since 1996 (minus a 17-year break from 2004, to its revival in 2021).

Episode 6 in the new series takes ‘Electric Theatre’ as its design theme. This instalment was of particular interest to us as Bolton-based Ashley Woodcock from A Woodcock Decorators was one of the Dulux Select Decorators called upon to help complete the Wokingham episode. 

“I had my HVLP in the van”

Ashley explains how he came to be on the makeover show:

“I was invited along to help out on two episodes of Changing Rooms when a decorator tested positive to Covid. The carpenter on set wanted to achieve a smooth, flawless finish on some of the units that had been installed and by pure chance I remembered I had my QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer in the van. No fear of paint brush streaks as I knew this would give the units the ultimate finish”

prepped for QTech Q5
Living room units before spray
post sprayed - QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer

PaintTech Training Academy and Dulux Academy approved Ashley knew the QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer was the right tool for the job.  Whilst on the job, Ashley was able to spray a radiator using the HVLP machine for interior design guru Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen. Choosing to use spray over brush had given him some time over!

2LG Studio - QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer
Image Credits: 2LG Studio (@2lgstudio)
2LG Studio - QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer
Image Credits: 2LG Studio (@2lgstudio)

QTech5 HVLP paint sprayer

The QTech Q5 airless paint sprayer can offer many benefits to the professional decorator:

  • Non-bleed spray gun – keeps the paint where it’s supposed to be.
  • Side mounted fan control.
  • Low noise level – Ashley comments “This was a big plus when the cameras were rolling, the rooms on the show were busy with electricians, joiners and helpers carrying out their tasks so it can get quite noisy but the QTech5 wasn’t an area of concern for background noise”.
  • Fine atomisation.
  • Quick change filters.

HVLP paint spraying tip – From Ashley

“Spraying is enjoyable, plan ahead, mask your area and take your time. If you feel you have applied too much paint, leave it to dry. Sometimes it’ll dry back but if not just sand back and re coat”.

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