Spare parts made easy with QTech.

Spare parts made easy with QTech.

Rachel Carville

Digital Marketing Manager

Sustainably focused all-new online ordering portal

We are pleased to launch this sustainably focused all-new online ordering portal for OEM parts for QTech airless and HVLP machines straight to your door, giving your machine a new lease of life, making spare parts easy with QTech.

Making small positive changes was the main driving force behind our newly launched spare parts ordering platform now available on Too often, we as consumers find it easier to throw away household items that no longer work or perform like they once did, instead of researching a resolution. Here at QTech, we have Introduced a sustainable solution that will benefit our environment as well as our pockets.

Spare parts. sounds simple and it is.

QTech maintenance fluids

Looking after your machine is incredibly important. In order to keep internal wear and tear down to a minimum, we recommend using QTector, QLube, QTector pump conditioner and QLube piston lubricant.

QTech maintenance fluids

Click here for more information on Sprayer TLC that will keep your machine running in peak condition.

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