Graphenstone & QTech

Graphenstone & QTech

Rachel Carville

Digital Marketing Manager

The Sustainable Choice

We are delighted to announce the collaboration with Graphenstone – The natural mineral paints company that have achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified® at Gold, Silver & Bronze levels for their paints. Their white paint, Ambient Pro+ achieving the Gold level, and GCS and Grafclean achieving Silver and Bronze respectively.

Professional decorators can experience a cleaner, healthier, and safer work environment, with all Graphenstone paints having just trace VOCs (under 1g/L, and some even actively neutralising airborne pollutants, cleaning the air in the space! 

QTech & Graphenstone Paints

Working behind the scenes, we have extensively tested QTech’s airless and HVLP machines with five of Graphenstone’s core products. The results were superb. Coverage, even with strong colours over neutrals, was outstanding and with no chemical solvents, toxins or preservatives, there was no odour. Therefore making the QTech airless sprayer a safe and effective method of paint application that keeps wastage to an absolute minimum. This marks a huge milestone in the painting and decorative industry.

QTech’s UK Technical Sales Manager Dave Carter was delighted with the results using the Q5 HVLP machine. He was also impressed with the flow of paint, the finish and the lack of odour.

We ran extensive tests and trials at Graphenstone HQ resulting in QTech sprayers QT190 Plus with hopper and the Q5 HVLP 5-stage turbine being recognised as the preferred method of paint application, that dramatically reduces the waste that would be extremely difficult to achieve with a brush or roller.

Spray testing

Along with Graphenstone, we are pleased to introduce a ‘Guide for the professional decorator’, a helpful PDF guiding the decorator on bringing spray to paint for the green generation.

For more information on Graphenstone, Please visit their website.

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